AJW RTS specialise in the design and development of real-time embedded systems software; with 15+ years experience over the full software life cycle AJW RTS can support rapid software prototyping, full software developments, or simply augment client resources during periods of high activity. AJW RTS can provide services to end-clients either on or off site. Work is undertaken on a cost/time basis, or fixed cost basis where a well defined package of work exists.

Requirements Analysis

AJW RTS can provide requirements capture and software architecture functions. In the requirements capture process AJW RTS can support the use of 'Use Case' analysis techniques. Throughout the requirements analysis and design processes AJW RTS can support documentation using the UML notation.

Rapid Software Prototyping

A need for rapid prototyping may arise in a commercial environment where a proof-of-concept is required before committing expensive resources to a full product development, or where short time scales exist to exploit a marketing opportunity.

Software Design and Development

This forms the core activity for AJW RTS, with experience in application domains ranging from safety critical Air Traffic Control secondary surveillance radar through to domestic gas metrology equipment. AJW RTS have experience of a wide selection of technologies, including various 8, 16 and 32 bits microprocessors, multiple bus technologies and communications protocols. AJW RTS have a proven track record of rapidly adapting to new applications domains and technologies.

Maintenance of Legacy Software

Legacy software can become an issue in several scenarios where in-house expertise has been lost or is lacking; for example where it becomes necessary to add to the existing functionality of a long standing product, or where hardware obsolescence problems dictate that the product must be ported to a new platform.