Legacy Software Case Study

Performed engineering evaluation of Multibus II SBC sourced by several OEM with the intention of replacing an SBC set with obsolescence problems.

This involved porting the existing mono-pulse secondary surveillance radar (MSSR) software to the new board sets; followed by regression testing to establish the capabilities of the new board sets. New board set recommended realised a 3.6% per MSSR channel works cost price saving over the old board set. The savings resulted in the whole program cost being recouped with the order of the first 60 board sets (equivalent of 20 dual channel MSSR systems). The FAA evaluated an MSSR system with the new board set during the tender for the USA radar modernisation program. The system out performed other OEM equipments, completing a 1500 target overload test with no performance degradation. The contract for a planned 127 systems was secured.